Do you want to get results 10x faster and find clients to sell your products? Use no code automation and artificial intelligence to make everything easier.




Just make it BETTER and make it FASTER

Even If You Have No Experience And No Tech Skills…

Save at least 70% of your time

Writing, organizing, search, data managment can takes a lot of tame and can be so frustrated.

Save your money

Find the right ones out of a hundereds different SaaS websites and learn the methods that will allow you to invest more in your business instead of the necessary tools

Find right clients

You meet three different methods to obtain clients. No matter if you want to promote your service, ebook or get traffic on your website.

Time is our most valuable asset, yet we tend to waste it, kill it and spend it rather than invest it.

Jim Rohn

What if your repetitive process can be done easier and faster

  • WITHOUT advanced programming skills
  • WITHOUT spending huge amount of time
  • WITHOUT thousands of dollars

Save your time and money by learning how to do it right.

Automate your Website & eCommerce is an ebook that will teach you the best online marketing tactics without spending thousands of dollars on advertising. The ebook is filled with the latest tools, tips and techniques to save you time and money while building a successful online business.

Why this ebook was created


This ebook was established as a response to the growing need to increase efficiency while working online. Many questions arising in various forums prompted the writing of this guide – such as building website, comparison site, writing articles, descriptions, and finding clients online 

The question is whether it can be done better and faster? The answer is yes.
This ebook will show you how to do it faster and more efficiently with just a few tools and without spending thousands of dollars.

Using unconventional techniques that allows quicker and effective methods . More and more people use them but no one talks about it.

Stop wasting your money! The tools and techniques in Automate your Website & eCommerce will save you time and money. Let’s get started today!

Implement automation and AI writers to make establishing your store easier.

Preparing product descriptions, blog posts and articles takes a lot of time and energy. Put those two things where it really matters for your business, even if it’s small.

Everywhere there is three essential questions:


  • What I can sell?
  • What should do NOW?
  • What is the best way to monetise my ideas?
  • What task should I reject and which should I accept?


  • How to make the whole process faster?
  • How to avoid repetitive tasks?
  • How to not spend so much money before I earn?
  • How to watch every move of the competition?


  • Where I can find clients to my website or eCommerce?
  • Where to find the best 
  • Where to find free traffic sources 

but it takes so long

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Check the dedicate niches

eCommerce / Dropshipping
Web Designers​
Affiliate marketing
Newbie in digital

This ebook helps you:

eCommerce / Dropshipping
  • Expressly prepare and generate product descriptions
  • Automate the process of contacting customers
  • Search for the best discounts on major ecommerce platforms.
  • Automate the product discovery process
  • Check what new products your competitors are introducing
  • Save thousands of dollar spent on web tools
Web Designers​
  • Get paid plugins and themes for free
  • Prepare a website almost in one click
  • Offer complex service for clients SEO 
  • Scrape other websites to monitor prices and build comparison/affiliate websites
  • Audit your own websites
  • Find expiring domains and save time and money for SEO
  • Expressly prepare and generate article posts that are 100% legitimate
  • Tools to make everything faster
  • Implement SEO techniques to charge more for your work
  • Speed up your work and write individual emails to your customers in bulk
But most important!

How to find clients in YOUR niche?

Let’s look at the market trends

Focus on your ability, knowledge that you can immediately implement or offer as service. 


More and more people, despite their lack of programming skills, are successfully implementing no-code solutions into their daily tasks

AI writer

As of July 2021, AI writers are successively experiencing significant growth, but there are still many small and medium-sized businesses that are not using their full potential

Business opportunities are like buses, there's always another one coming.

Richard Branson

The question is: When do you want to start your business? Because the best timie is always - NOW

Every year, in November and December, everything becomes chaotic, so let me be honest - you have just a little time to make a RIGHT choice


...make a mistake


BEFORE reading this ebook

Frustrated by repetitive activities
Not knowing where to look for customers
Powerless due to increasing competition in the market
Lack of money for expensive tools and products
Overwhelmed by the number of things to do

AFTER reading this ebook

Many of my tasks are automated
I know how to find and attract customers
Gain a competitive advantage
Get hundreds or thousands products for
free or with huge discounts
Everything is planned and scheduled

In chapter ONE

We focus on your skills, knowledge that you can immediately and easily use on your own or later as a service. The most important feature is that everything is done with little time, a limited budget, and less effort. What you will need, however, is the knowledge contained here and the regularity to implement it.
What's included:

Boost building website

Source with free WP themes and plugins

How to build affiliate website

Structure and method of comparison website

Data extraction to a comfortable form

Optimization and preparation for audits

In chapter TWO

In the second chapter, you’ll be introduced to the AI environment and learn some lifehacks that will help you write articles, product, and social media posts descriptions faster. You will learn tools to perform simple automations and how to achieve better SEO results using expired domains.

Scrape web and get information you need

Import all data and show on website or ecommerce

Use AI writers to prepared articles, descriptions & mails better and faster

Using and introduction to artifical intelligence

Comparison of most popular AI writers

Taking over expired domains

In chapter THREE

You learn how to find people online who will help you promote your products and how to monitor and settle sales. See different methods of promotion depending on the social media platform such as Quora, Pinterest or Facebook. Finally, you will get free link building methods for your website or ecommerce store.

What's include:

Simple and effective method to finding people to sell your product

Processing affiliate sales

Profitable techniques used to find customer on Quora, Facebook, TikTok

Tools to use to scale results

Incredibly effective link building techniques

Top solution which helps you scraping the web to find websites that can put your links

This ebook shows you how easy it is to get way ahead of your competitors, implement some of solutions included in this ebook immediately allowing you to save money in the process

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Web tools
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As a bonus, you will get several methods to reduce the monthly cost (over $2000 savings per month from using all tools) of online tools like:

  • Ahrefs
  • SemRush
  • Jungle Scout
  • Helium10
  • Canva PRO
  • Envato Elements
  • and many more…
And also TOP20 tools from 6 areas: social media, SEO, design, organize, web scraping, and no-code automation.  


Check what others said about 

Kate W.
United States

“I feel a little disappointed, but in a positive way, I didn’t think that introducing one thing, within a week would so change my attitude towards work and save time. Before this, I felt really overwhelmed. Thank you ;)”

Ethan D.

I didn’t think that running a store and implementing new items and descriptions on Amazon would become so easy. I’ll admit that I was cautious before buying it, but it really was a hit. I think the ROI is enormous. Good Job!

Lyubomir S.

I have a personal blog, but I’m totally confused how to monetize and optimize it. Thanks a lot, I don’t realize that just implementing some of the suggestions can change my earnings and make it easier for me to create content.

Lucy B.
United Kingdom

I completely didn’t know where to start, but I set up, believe me, a really simple site and added only one table into which products and prices are automatically added. And that was it! The funniest thing was that I was working in parallel in another sling from 9 to 5.

5 BIG Reasons Why You Need To
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Buy now:

Why this price?

Inside you will find the culmination of spending countless hours reviewing scientific reports, reading expert articles and experience, all to make sure you get the highest quality, reliable and up-to-date knowledge. I have translated the often incomprehensible scientific language into simpler and accessible language for everyone, so that every aspect is well understood.

Is this ebook right for you?

The information in this ebook is suitable for both beginners (chapter ONE talks about the basics) and those who have experience but are looking for some solutions, at a fair price, that will make their daily work easier

What does $0 mean:

There is no reason not to buy this ebook. Why I think in this way?
Because when you use JUST ONE THING from this book, you save much more than you spend –
hours of time and thousands of dollars

Easy to implement

You don't need advanced skills or knowledge to implement informations inside.

No-Code Automations

Inside you will find how to step by step implement no-code processes and sources where you find ready to use templates


This is a major factor when writing this ebook. Each chapter was created with the goal of giving you the most useful and thoughtful information

Discounts inside

In bonus chapter you get access to some of the best tools which help you save thousends of dollars

Actual research

Whole knowledge inside is verified, trusted and 100% well researched to gives you most relevant informations

Ready to use

Just read, try on your own and enjoy!

About me

My name is Michael and I’m a digital marketer. I have to apply myself to research and make sure that any information I present is supported by scientific data. You don’t have to believe me, but you can verify any information very quickly with the source. While working on the content, I spent countless hours reviewing science reports, reading expert articles, all to make sure you get the highest quality, reliable and up-to-date knowledge. At the same time, I translated the often incomprehensible scientific language into simple and accessible form for everyone to make sure that every aspect is well understood.

# If this ebook is right for me?

Even Michael Jordan started every training session with the basics – chest passes and free throws. So that later he could shine in the spotlight.

In the first chapter we focus on the basics so then we move on to preparing automation in your daily work and some simple solutions that if implemented will save you months of repetitive and frustrating work.

This ebook is written with complete beginners and experienced people in mind.

# How much money can I make with this method?

One website sold gets you over $500, a well-served customer brings you positive reviews and promotes your brand, and one product sold gets you $10,20,40 or more.

But now multiply that by hundreds or thousands of customers, add process automation and techniques that speed it up. 

# Is this something fresh and new?

This ebook showed in this ebook has NEVER been release before.

# Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes, you get 14 days to make sure ‘Complete Web Income Activator’ is for you. If you change your mind for any reason, just let me know, and I’ll send you a refund.